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Audi A2 (1999)

Audi A2 in first grade AI2 prototype was presented to the German company in the autumn of 1997 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Production of the car was launched in 1999, the German company's plant, and it lasted until 2005, after which the model had gone to bed, not having got a follower. During this time, the car sold around the world circulation of 176,000 pieces.

audi a2 1999

And to this day Audi A2 looks quite attractive, unusual and important. In terms of its membership immediately traced to this German brand, but it is devoid of presentability and is perceived as a small family car. "Deuce" has excellent aerodynamics, even at such a high body that has been achieved through the development of the car by computer simulation.

On the basis of their membership of a European Class B, the Audi A2 has a corresponding external dimensions. The length of the machine is 3826 mm, height - 1553 mm, width - 1673 mm, wheelbase - 2405 mm. But ground clearance of the car quite modest - only 110 mm.

Feature of "two" is that its body is made of technology ASF. A vehicle frame made of welded sections and hinged panels of aluminum, and the body is widely used aluminum alloys. With this vehicle curb weight of only 895-1030 kg depending on the modification.

Audi A2 (1999) Audi A2 (1999) Audi A2 (1999)

Interior Audi A2 is designed with a view to ensuring more comfort for the driver and passengers. It looks fairly solid, interior decoration and clearly recalls that it is sitting in the Audi. Inside, everything is thought out and rigorously, and ergonomics at a high level. One of the interesting solutions include the presence of two "dimensionless" coasters, which are put forward from the top of the center console.

audi a2 1999 interioraudi a2 1999 interiorAudi A2 with modest dimensions is quite spacious interior. The front seats provide comfortable accommodation fares tall, good range of adjustments permit. Rear sofa is able to accommodate three passengers, but two of the head restraint and the high transmission tunnel hinted that it is better to sit there together.

Cargo space at the "two" from Ingolstadt capacity - 390 liters of usable volume. However, wheel arches eat it a significant part. The rear seats fold flat, providing 1085 liter compartment with a flat cargo area. But hiding under a raised floor only "dokatka."


For the Audi A2 was offered five engines - two petrol and three diesel. Gasoline part consists of a 1.4-liter "four", issuing 75 horsepower and 126 Nm of torque limit, as well as the 1.6-liter unit with four cylinders arranged in a row, the impact of which is 115 "horses" and 155 Nm. "Two" with a gasoline engine takes an average of 5.9-6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

The most economical version of the Audi A2 is equipped with a three-cylinder turbodiesel in volume of 1.2 liters and output power of 61 (maximum torque - 140 Nm). Following is a 1.4-liter diesel that develops 75 "horses" and 195 Nm traction. And it is considered to be the most powerful engine of 1.4 liter that produces 90 horsepower and 230 Nm. Trump diesel units - fuel economy. At 100 kilometers they have enough 3-4.3 liters of diesel fuel. All engines are combined with 5 - speed manual transmission and the drive to the front axle, except for the version with 61 hp motor - he was supposed to 5-band "robot".

On the front axle Audi A2 is set independent spring suspension at the rear - dependent spring. Behind the front wheels hidden ventilated disc brakes for the rear - drum.

Technical Information

Three cylinder diesel engines

1.2 TDi (3L), 1191 cm³, 45 kW, 140 N • m, Semi-Automatic Transmission

1.4 TDI, 55 kW, 1422 cm³, 195 N • m

1.4 TDI, 66 kW, 1422 cm³, 230 N • m

Petrol engines

1.4, 55 kW, 1390 cm³, 126 N • m

1.6 FSI, 81 kW, 1598 cm³, 155 N • m

Acceleration 0-100 km / h (62 mph) / Top Speeds

TDI 55 kW: 12.6 s, 173 km / h, 106 mph

TDI 66 kW: 10.9 s, 188 km / h, 116 mph

FSI: 9.8 s, 202 km / h, 124 mph

1.4: 12.3 s, 176 km / h, 106 mph

3 L: 14.9 s, 168 km / h, 102 mph