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Audi RS2 Avant (1993)

Audi RS2 Avant debuted in 1993. The model was the first version of the RS and the first high-performance wagon Avant, which came to replace the RS4 2000. It immediately attracted attention. The perfect blend of versatility and sport performance, complemented by elegant design and exclusive equipment, the buyers appreciated. RS2 - the result of cooperation between the companies Audi and Porsche. The basis of the designers had taken the body of the Audi 80 Avant (most units from the S2), to which elements of the Porsche 993 Biturbo of style were added. Produced Vehicles for Porsche factory in Stuttgart. All documents related service names of the two companies are close by. In addition, the word "PORSCHE" was depicted on the emblem of the RS2 factory, which was attached to the front grille and the engine intake manifold.

Audi_RS2 1993

In the role of the main driving forces of the powerful 5-cylinder 20-klapanovy turbo engine capacity of 2.2 liters and 315 hp (232 kW) at 6500 rev / min. This power plant has already been used on other models of Audi, but has been modified. Use a larger intercooler, replaced some parts of the turbocharger, put the fuel injector with an increased fuel supply, improved core and exhaust system with reduced pressure.

Acceleration to 100 km / h RS2 Avant exercise in 4.8 seconds. Despite the impressive weight of the vehicle, its maximum speed is 262 km / h. Even by modern standards, specifications RS2 are high enough.

The motor characteristics are reflected in the large red high-performance brakes from Porsche, who have four pistons on each of the four ventilated brake discs. The ABS system is set up in accordance with the sporting character of the car - is only operational when the maximum pressing on the gas pedal, and at a minimum rate. Slightly modified the chassis. Establish a broad 17-inch wheels with 245/40 provost. Audi RS2 please precise response to the driver's steering wheel movements, perfect directional stability at high speeds, the possibility of cornering at high speeds. It comes standard Quattro all-wheel drive system.

High technologies are viewed even in the exterior. The car was brand RS-Blue blue. The designers have created a powerful front bumper apron with large arches. There's fog lamps and turn signals that have fallen from the Porsche 993 unchanged. The rear bumper is also a tribute to the 993 model. On it is located with license plate illumination. RS2 rearview mirrors also inherited from the model 993 left under the bumper look down silencer nozzle (larger diameter - 2h64mm). It is noteworthy that the muffler is made specifically for RS2. Also, for RS2 produced an exclusive grille, outwardly resembling a standard grille Audi, but by having a different basis - stylish large grid connected cell.

Among the main features of the interior it is worth noting the steering wheel made of leather and includes three spokes, sport seats Recaro (made of leather or leather and suede) and interior finish wood or carbon fiber.

2200 RS2 cars were originally released, but due to additional requests total to 2891. Of this number, only 180 cars were right-hand drive and intended for sale in the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that the model is never exported from Europe, it has gained popularity around the world. The car was removed from production in 1997.

RS2 Avant proved that Audi - a manufacturer of practical, high-quality vehicles with high performance. RS2 is a complete and absolutely harmonious design, which gave rise to many currents of automotive fashion. Elements of the style of the model entered the tuning program offered by the various design departments.