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Audi A6 (1998)

In his article "Overview of the car Audi A6 1998 release" we tell you about this car model. We hope that this information is useful to you. The Audi can even be attributed to luxury cars. Over the past twenty years, various Audi models have become very competitive, even for representatives of Mercedes and BMW. One of the most respectable Audi is the Audi A6 model manufactured since 1997. Audi A6 is still short history. This Audi model A6 has not made a big thing in the automotive industry, but for the first time the adherents of the Audi brand appeared a wide selection of different versions and modifications. Only one selection powertrain was designed in the range of 110 hp up to 450 hp Most drivers simply have dreamed of just such a car.

Audi A6 1998

The series, which began to be produced in 1997, was the epitome of a truly new ideas about the Audi. Style A6 echoes the design solution TT sports model. None of the production car the company has not looked so unusual.

Cars have two types of body - Avant and sedan. Avant was released in 1998. Sometimes there are universals, even seven-seat version. Behind them, a third row of seats. This car belongs to the sport, its purpose is not to transport any cargo. This is evidenced by its design. The rear part of the car is strongly tilted, which gives it a rapid appearance, but reduces the amount of luggage.

audi a6 quattro 1998

The Audi A6 Avant 1998 does not need to carry cement, as, for example, skiing or mountain biking. On the wagon sets different engines, including engine power of 450 hp Audi A6 is considered as the fastest and most powerful. Most of the Audi engine is peculiar that when worn piston group will have to replace the entire unit once assembled. As for the suspension, and then it wears out very quickly. From a number of Audi models Audi A6 more practical with four or six-cylinder petrol or diesel engines.

The chassis of the car look less revolutionary. The car company has developed not only to cars with conventional front-wheel circuit, but also the modification of its Quattro, which has a permanent all-wheel drive. Universal Avant, released in 1991, under the name 100 Avant, already issued under the symbol A6. At Quattro installed only manual gearbox. A model c front-wheel drive, and can be equipped with chetyrёhskorostnoy "machine".

From the weakest diesel engine was the 1.9-liter engine. Initially, its capacity was 110 hp, but then the engine was equipped with a pump-nozzle. The power it has increased to 130 hp Modern engine power is 130 hp in a city almost perfect. This engine offers excellent traction. Thus it has a low fuel consumption.

I must say that diesel cars Audi A6 in the US are very much in demand. We have a little bit of fear.

For modern diesel vehicles need not only to be serviced in a timely manner to those stations decent. service, but requires a good quality fuel. In the US, it is best to carry out every 7-10 thous. Km. And about the quality of fuel, we have, of course with this problem. Some artists simply recommend to add a special diesel fuel additives. Please note that buying the Audi A6 with the diesel engine, ask for such engines carefully check the power unit, turbine and so on. After all, because of the failure of one of these elements of the recovery will be very decent money.

Repair of petrol engines also costs less. All motors Audi will serve without any problems for more than 300 thous. Km. By the weak among the petrol engines include the 1.8-liter engine, whose power is 125 hp The same engine with 150 hp quite strong, but its disadvantage is that extra 25 hp It gives turbocharging. If there was a failure of the turbine, it is beyond repair. In recent years, Audi was equipped with turbines of more durable materials, and the life they are much increased. However, to prolong the "life" you need to make sure that the unit does not overheat and do not forget to replace the filters and oil. The main causes of failure can be two: Failure to replace the coolant radiator and cleansed. Sometimes having trouble with oxygen sensors. Here, the reason may be poor quality However gasoline.

Sometimes Audi A6 V6 engine problems begin with the computer. But, generally, 6-cylinder engine is very good. Faults different sensors occur infrequently. Experts recommend timing belt replaced after 90 thousand. Km. Along with the timing belt will need to change the air conditioner and straps (hydro generator and amplifier, and along with the videos.) All of the replacement cost is very cheap. But the car Audi A6 and initially was not considered a car economy class. That's why some seemingly simple operation prodelyvat not need to, and should use the services of specialized SRT. If you, for example, you just need to replace the spark plug, then we can not do without a specialist. Remove the high-voltage wires without special tools is not possible. You risk damaging the insulation. Analyzing any Audi should be noted wheel drive. He even became a hallmark of the car with the Audi logo on the hood. Servicing costs will increase if the wheels are installing different tires.

The most reliable is considered to be manual gearbox. It does not play any role number of rates. For small runs of such boxes need only replace the bushings gear. But the automatic transmission delivers more trouble. When buying a car is a transmission will have a mandatory test for all modes. This hint of delay during the switching or bad acceleration of the car, which means that a gearbox is something wrong.

Audi A6 has quite a comfortable suspension. The disadvantage of it can serve only complicated construction. Problems can arise only from the front suspension, because for each wheel there are two lower and two upper arm. A car with worn suspension on good roads behaves normally, and has been on our own, Russian directions, exhibit all of its shortcomings. The rear suspension of front wheel drive cars are more reliable. For versions with all-wheel drive available in a complex rear suspension. As for the shock absorbers Audi A6, on our roads, they are not very durable. Their every two to three years should be changed.

Buying Audi A6, do not forget to check the condition of the fluid and power steering. The liquid is necessary to change every two years. The braking system has a minor flaw. When driving on bad roads "suffer" seals hose. They are also experts recommend changing every two years in conjunction with the brake fluid.

In his article "Overview of the car Audi a6 1998 release," we have tried to reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of Audi A6. I must admit that in the secondary market Audi A6 is still one of the most prestigious models.