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In the ranking Audi A6 1995, losing only a few cars. In this regard, and the prices in the Audi A6 with the four rings on the hood are quite high. However, wishing to have Solid German car with great pleasure buy used Audi A6 the first generation, which were issued for a brief period - from 1994 to 1997. Especially since this model is called one of the best Audi company's history.

Audi A6 1995

In fact, Audi A6 1995, is the only modernized Audi 100 of 1990, which received after the restyling of all other changes is also a completely new name. But all the advantages of the old "Six" saved. Among the undoubted merits of the first-generation Audi A6 can be called well made 'eternal' body, excellent engines, as well as a simple and reliable damn suspension, which can be repaired on their own or in the nearest service. Naturally, you can not pass and by the fact that the Audi A6 fitted with the famous wheel-drive system. However, first things first.

At Audi, made after 1988 (regardless of model), with a body to be all right. The fact is that since the late 80s, these cars have only galvanized body that can resist corrosion problems without a very long time. If there are at least small pockets of rust, this is the first sign that the previous car gets into an accident and was then restored is not the best way. In the future, like a hastily refurbished items can deliver a lot of hassle. And the further resale of the car (not all because life is to ride on the same) rusty elements can scare off buyers or get seriously reduce the price.

In contrast to the sample of Audi 100 1990-1994, which could be virtually "empty" (sometimes there windshields have electric), Audi A6 in the basic version is already equipped with the minimum necessary set of equipment. And often in addition to the electric windows (front at least) there are mirrors and air conditioning system. And it is not simple, but with the possibility of separate temperature adjustment for the driver and front passenger.

Engines Audi A6 1995

Audi A6 1995 release, in spite of its short life (remember that this model is formally existed only three years old), equipped with a fairly wide range of engines. Moreover, not only gasoline, but also diesel. The weakest engine, "eat" diesel fuel, was 1.9-liter 90 hp Frankly, these "horses" is clearly not enough for such a big and heavy car. If we want to have a diesel engine, it is better to draw the gaze to the 2.5-liter five-cylinder unit. It is of two types: 115 hp and 140 hp Last engine deserves the good reviews, because he did Audi A6 amazing dynamic machine - acceleration to 100km. per hour for less than 10 seconds. And it had a diesel car!

According to experts of service cars Audi, diesel engines (including 1.9-liter) is very reliable. However, we must remember that for their diagnosis to travel only on branded service stations, but not in the usual shops. For the competent inspection can take about $ 30, but it is better to pay, as the repair of modern diesel engines Audi will cost a huge amount (although bring the 2.5-liter engine to malfunction naturally difficult - its share is estimated at more than 500-700 thous. Km ).

Gasoline engines A6 can be 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder (Audi 100 was equipped with an additional 5-cylinder engine, but after the restyling of this unit decided to withdraw from the production). The weakest was the 2-liter "four", usually issued 115 hp, although you can find machines with absolutely "dead" 101-horsepower engine. Despite all the skepticism about a small number of horses, it should be noted that the 2-liter 8-valve unit has established itself at its best thanks to its reliability, simplicity and serviceability - spare parts to it are relatively cheap, and used engines in the "dismantling" abound . Yes, and maintenance costs of such a machine is usually low. For example, the replacement of the cylinder head gasket will cost about $ 25, along with the work (from the V6 engine three to four times more expensive). There is a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine with 20-valve 125 hp, which also can be recommended to fans of quiet and leisurely drive.

If you want to have a more or less rapid Audi A6, better to look for the version with the engine V6. That is "six" allow you to fully feel the charm of owning such prestigious cars as Audi. Under the hood, the A6 can be found three variants of the engine V6. One of them has a volume of 2.6 liters and 150 hp It is already enough to not "break off" due to lack of "horses". And many believe it is 2.6-liter the most optimal in terms of price / power / operating costs. And besides, these machines on the secondary market a lot, and there are plenty to choose from. There are two 2.8-liter unit. In the first year of the A6 it had 174 horsepower, while the second half of 1995 in the car began to establish a more modern engine with 5 valves per cylinder, which gave out 193 hp already

This is not enough and 193hp It can take a chance and buy a very interesting "charged" version of the car. And there were few options. So, first on the basis of Audi 100 made car called S4, equipped with a 5-cylinder 2.2 liter turbocharged 230 hp (S4 so that first appeared from the model 100, instead of A4). But in 1995, it was released an updated version of the powerful car under the name S6. Such machines have a V8 engine of 4.2 liters capacity of 280 hp In addition, the Germans gathered in small amounts Audi S6 Plus with the 4.2-liter engine with 326 hp Last modification found on sale very difficult, but the S6 (like older S4) on our secondary market is not so exclusive. But what is most interesting, the price of these machines is not much more than a conventional A6 with 6-cylinder engines.

But it does not mean you have to drop everything and run to look for it, "charged» Audi. There should act the principle of "measure twice and only cut once." Buying a used today much of the first generation Audi S6 (after all, this car has a lot of years, and it has the appropriate mileage), it should be understood that this "rocket" may at any time require a decent funds to repair the engine, transmission and more. And it does not say that the 4.2-liter "eight", which went to Audi S6 1995 of the larger A8, very reliable and able to operate more than 500 thousand. Km. This Audi A8 could buy for the more or less quiet ride with a professional driver behind the wheel. And S6 taken solely for aggressive and high-speed driving. And for anything else! And when the motor is continuously used at 100%, his life may not exceed 100 thousand. Km. Repair of the "charged" engine is astronomical money. Yes, it is not only in the motor. For S6 not fit many of the details from the normal A6.

Sale Price Audi A6 1995

The price of spare parts for "charged" cars may just be indecently high. For example, clutch kit pulls on $ 400-500, the original shock is worth about $ 350, and for branded brake pads (others on S6 is better not to) ask for about $ 220.

Lifetime quieter engine V6 in volume of 2.6 and 2.8 liters more. When buying a car it is necessary to remove the engine cover (the so-called plate) and see whether there is space between the cylinder head oil. If yes, then it's a bad sign. Perhaps this motor led one of the "heads". In general, the Audi engine oil is like to spend, but if the flow rate exceeds a thousand kilometers a liter is likely to be the replacement of valve guides (happens after 300-400 thousand. Kilometers). It is not cheap, because of the work and parts will have to pay about $ 1000-1500, depending on the "steepness" of the service. We need to see more, do not flow if cylinder head gaskets. Sometimes a simple replacement is insufficient due to the fact that for one reason or another "head" a little warped. Aligning the landing her plane would cost $ 300-500. Decent expected costs and Owner if cracked intake manifold. Work on its replacement cost is usually around $ 60-100, but the purchase of a new part will pull out of the bag for more than $ 800-1000 (in the "dismantling" you can find second-hand for $ 350).

After purchasing the car, just in case it is necessary to put a new timing belt (in Russia, it is better to be replaced every 60-70 thousand. Km). Replacing the belt together with a set of rollers and pump costs about $ 350-400. Also recommended approximately every 30-40 thousand. Kilometers rinse injector ($ 100). By the way, you can give a recommendation. If there are problems with the winter cold start, it probably is not in some kind of electronic sensors (they also sometimes fail). Sometimes it is enough simply to call on the service «Audi» and slightly reconfigure the computer.

A significant part of the first generation A6 have a system of full drive «quattro» with limited slip differential Torsen - this scheme since the 80s of the last century has become the hallmark of «Audi». If you do not go into the theory, it should be noted that the great advantage of the differential Torsen - instant torque from the front wheels to the rear. And this is not done at the beginning of slippage, and even before it (Torsen responds to changes in coupling conditions). Operating wheel drive cars cost a little more expensive than usual. For example, the rear suspension of such machinery is complex and has many blocks, which every few years must be changed (about $ 300-450). Yes plus to this can still wear traction rear wheel camber adjustment (another $ 120-200 with the work). As for the all-wheel drive system, it is extremely reliable. And even if there was a small differential hum, often just enough to fill a special liquid.

Vehicles with front-wheel drive have a simple rear suspension with steel beam and two blocks. Replacing the latter, it costs about $ 80-150. And the more there is to break, in general, nothing. And the front suspension is also very simple - just one lever with a ball bearing, the service life of more than 120 thous. Km. The original on the company's service stations can cost more than $ 250, but the stores have a good aftermarket parts for $ 90 (it is strongly recommended not to buy Chinese, Taiwanese, Italian and Spanish parts - it is better to opt for a brand of «Lemferder» and TRW). Silent block lever on European roads is capable of running more than 150 thousand. Km. We sometimes it is only enough for 50-70 thousand., Which is also quite good (replacing $ 40-80). A bit more often (every 30-40 thousand km.) Is required to put new plugs stabilizer bar ($ 30-50 with the work). Perhaps the only thing that slightly upset in the suspension of the first-generation Audi A6, it's shock, our roads are often coming out of the building (but on their lack of 1-1.5 years). What shocks buy, everyone decides for himself - is now on the market there are both the most common and not too robust, and sports gas with adjustable stiffness.

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