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Audi A8 (1998)

In 1993, at the Frankfurt Motor Show concept was shown AUDI ASF, showed visitors the exhibition concept - how it will look, and that itself will represent the future flagship of the Audi brand. ASF is - Audi Space Frame - bearing aluminum body. Body before the production model is made of aluminum and serial machine, the assembly of which began in 1994, became the world's first passenger car with a monocoque body made of aluminum. The new Audi A8 D2 replaced the V8 model, and as time has shown, to compete with Mercedes S-class W140. In those years, Executive Audi sedan was designed so that the owner will sit behind the wheel, this is justified by some sports suspension settings and the Mercedes S-class has always been the vehicle for the rear seat.

audi a8 1998

The assembly was carried out in Germany. Current models of the brand differ from Audi twenty years ago, for example in the face of a hatchback Audi A3, you can see a lot of the modern flagship brand, but today's review of the first A8.

Outside Audi A8 1998

audi s8 1998audi s8 1998As befits an executive car, produced a big Audi sedan, like other German sedans business class LWB present modification, such a machine at 130mm longer than usual. Over the appearance of the machine worked Dirk Van Brekel. Of course, the aluminum body has a lot of advantages compared to metal, it is lighter and does not corrode, but the creation of a body almost did not apply welding, rivet and panel glued with special glue. When repairing is very important to use only original rivets and fasteners, as metal rivet enters into a chemical reaction with aluminum - it will lead to the erosion of the aluminum parts. Compared with the previous Audi V8, the new flagship on average (depending on version) it became easier to 140kg. The basic version of the shoes in the car tire dimension 225/60 R16. "Six-liter» Audi factory shod with tires in size 245/45 R18. Relatively high profile sixteen-tire well fulfills irregularities and promotes comfort.

Interior and Equipment

Audi A8 interior photoAudi A8 interior photoLanding in the interior is very comfortable thanks to the huge doors that open almost 90 degrees. The basic equipment of Audi steering wheel is adjustable in flight and the angle of inclination, and expensive versions of this adjustment is carried out by electric drives. When planting in the cabin when the engine is off, the steering wheel, "drawn" into the front panel - it is made for the most comfortable fit. The wheel also has buttons radio. The front and rear seats are equipped with heating, which has six positions of power. Adjust the seat by means of electric drives, even lumbar adjustment is carried electrician. Chairs have a memory of the four positions, which also comes in handy when the car ride different drivers. The basic package Audi, 1997, includes six airbags. On the dashboard there is an indicator alerts the driver about tire pressure, the yellow color of the indicator suggests that pressure is normal. On the center console to the left of the red, triangular buttons located off button ESP, and the right button controls the back curtain. Comfort and safety of driving helps salon mirror with auto dimming function.

The rear arm of the sofa provided a niche for first aid kits. Sofa is very wide, but the average person can interfere with the massive transmission tunnel Audi. Audi A8 D2 rack holds 525 liters.

Engines Audi A8 D2

audi a8 engine v8audi a8 engine v8The Audi 1998 release installed one of these engines. V6 petrol engine with two valves per cylinder gives 174l.s, this setting was produced from 1996 to 1999. 3.7l petrol V8 with 230 installed power from 1995 to 1998. From 1994 to the installation of 1998 was conducted on the 4.2l V8 300hp In the future, these engines were replaced by more powerful and economical engines close to them in terms of volume. In 1996, a new V6 2.8, but the new unit was not two - as before, but has five valves per cylinder, power powerplant Audi A8 - 193hp In 1998 he began installing a new V6 of 3.7 liters and power increased from 230 to 260 hp New 4.2 appeared in 99godu, under the hood of a Group of Eight hidden 310l.s and 410NM traction. Fans of high-speed driving can be paid to the powerful Audi S8 at a volume of 4.2 liters, the engine produces 340l.c on vehicles manufactured before 1999, and the machines 360l.s collected between 1999 and 2002. The present range of engines and twelve cylinder powerplant in the 450l.s. This version was produced for only one year, from 2001 to 2002 was released 750 twelve-cylinder Audi.

The range of engines diesel car were three. The least powerful forces 2.5TDI 150 produced from 1997 to 2000goda in two thousandth was replaced by the same volume of diesel takozh - 2496kub, but the power of 180hp The most powerful diesel 3.3TDI V8 224 power was produced from 1999 to 2002. Last diesel could be only four-wheel drive Quattrob and the first two units at the request of the first client can be installed on the front or full drive "truck." Petrol units with engines up to 4.2 liters, and could be either full or front-wheel drive, but all have a V8 4.2-wheel drive Quattro. Four-wheel drive Audi A8 D2 is distributed by a wheel differential between torsen, 50% of torque going to the front and 50% on the rear axle.

Automatic five-speed Tiptronic gearbox has established itself as a reliable and high-speed automatic, replacing the gearbox oil is recommended every 45 000km, when it should use original oil - GO52.

The engine is also desirable to change the oil at least 10 000 km, although this is less than the interval between oil change, you must use oil specification VW505.00.

The manufacturer recommends changing candles every 60 000km, but in our conditions, they do not always live up to 30 000km.

Aluminum engine blocks have a special coating and according to the Germans can not be boring, some craftsmen still bore them and insert the liner. Engines love to eat oil, 1 liter of 000 km - is the norm. But we should monitor the level of oil in order to prevent oil starvation.

Belt with rollers should be replaced no later than 90 000 runs. With this change, and replace the antifreeze.

The basic package includes Audi A8 D2 system ABS, EBV and ASR, later joined the staff and equipment of ESP.

Steering rack type equipped with a hydraulic booster.

Multi-link suspension are made of aluminum, on good roads of Germany, they are asked to repair only 80,000, but in our reality and the ball can break through the 20,000 range, and they change with the levers.

Paying attention to the specifications Audi A8 D2 with motor V8 4.2, Tiptronic automatic transmission and drive Quattro.


Engine: V8 4.2 petrol

Volume: 4172kub

Power: 310l.s

Torque: 410N.M

Number of valves: 40v


Acceleration from 0 - 100km: 7.3c

Top speed: 250km (electronically limited)

Average fuel consumption: 11.6l

Fuel tank capacity: 90l


Dimensions: 5034mm * 1880mm * 1440mm

Wheelbase: 2882mm

Curb weight: 1750kg

Ground clearance / clearance: 120mm

On petrol versions of the 3.7l engine with not only the front but the rear ventilated disc set mechanisms to less powerful versions of the rear brake discs are ventilated.

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