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Audi Q5 (2017)

At the end of 2015, the German publication Autobild stepped ahead of the rest, posting a photo of the new 2017 model year crossover. And in March 2016, Audi Q5 traveled on Italian roads in protective camouflage that has attracted the attention Photospies. As expected, images flooded the network, forcing tremble impatient motorists. Despite that the new body was covered with a patterned layer of vinyl, many details of the exterior could be considered. A little later, the car noticed a slightly veiled grille.

Audi Q5 2017

Now there is no need to draw every drop of information about the new models on various websites. All that is known at this time, it is written in our review. The rest can be found after the concept's debut at the Paris Motor Show, which runs from October 1 to October 16 at the exhibition center Paris-EkspoPort de Versailles.

Interesting. The first generation car was a winner on EuroCarBody in the "Best Body" and "Golden Steering Wheel" award. In '12, the Q5 crossover became the most popular in Europe. For 4 years it has sold nearly half a million cars. In 2011, Audi won the Russian contest "SUV of the Year" and in 2012 entered the top three most reliable cars of the middle class according to the German club ADAC.

Looking ahead, we note that the dimensions of the fifth Audi's new body will increase a little. The mass will be 20% lower (170 kg), which adds the car more agility and dynamism, apart from lower fuel consumption. This was made possible by the transition to a modular platform MLB Evo, used in the production Q7 and the A4. Now, first things first ...

Changes in the new body Q5 (exclusive photos)

Not yet had time to show off the car at the premiere of their merits as the network on various resources fell rave reviews about his appearance. And this is not surprising, because the designers took into account all the chips in the current trend, namely the perfectly put together in a coherent whole brutality, sporty and chic. These changes are clearly seen in the photo. The first form of aggression demonstrates the huge grille, which is "waved" to its former roundness without looking at more angular design with massive chrome trim. The recess forming the bars adjacent trapezoidal front xenon headlamps. By the way, equipment and prices will affect their stuffing. VIP-generation will have LED optics. Looking at the "face" of car, it can be said with confidence that all the details in the style of giving general harmony. Especially fit into the exterior deep-set fog lights with new MatrixBeam LED technology that does not dazzle oncoming drivers. Massive bonnet seemed to hint that it is a power unit having a powerful performance.

On the perimeter of the body and over the wheel arches installed shockproof strip of black plastic. As standard available 17-inch wheels, which can be replaced by 19 - 21 ". In profile, the new model has not changed much, except for the windshield, which increased the angle of inclination. The rear part has become more extensive tailgate and 3-dimensional LED optics strict form. Among the external equipment is to provide:

- tailgate with electric drive;

- windshield with heat tint;

- forged aluminum wheels;

- acoustic side windows with electrolifts;

- lights to the setting of the angle of inclination;

- Headlight washers;

- Review the camera;

- front and rear parking sensors;

- roof rails and an aerodynamic spoiler;

- electrically driven rear-view mirrors with heating, avtozatemneniem and memory function; panoramic roof and electrohatch;

- tire pressure sensors;

- sensor lights and rain.

Regarding the dimensions of new items, according to unofficial data wheelbase has increased by 3 centimeters. As for the rest, everything remains in the same place:

- length - 4.63 m;

- width - 1.9 meters;

- height - 1.66 m;

- wheelbase - 2.81 m;

- luggage capacity - 540/1560 l;

- weight - 1630 kg (-170 kg).

Interior Q5 2017 model year

At first glance, the interior has not changed, but experts immediately notice the new form of the steering wheel, gear box and the panel of the arm. Creating the interior, Audi has overshadowed the luxury and expensive, replaced by innovative technology, providing high security, ease of driving and comfort.

The massive instrument panel is made in a restrained style, without the clutter of wooden and metal parts. The design of the present high-quality plastic and leather upholstery in different colors. The base trim stitched seat cloth is used «Steppe» repelling dust. The central location has a large touch-screen multimedia system, which in addition to its own data displayed image navigator, rear view camera and climate-control options.

The instrument panel includes a TFT color screen of the onboard computer with the data on the technical condition of the car. Even an inexperienced motorist immediately see that the driver's seat is arranged so as to provide the maximum level of comfort when driving. All controls are within easy reach. A seat equipped with electric adjustment and soft pillows, relieve tension from the back.

While the configuration and price were not disclosed, but according to the last modification of equipment you can assume the presence of the following equipment, much of which is available as additional options:

- Stability;

- electric power steering, electric position adjustment;

- heated front and rear seats;

- rear seat backs Electric;

- 6 airbags and curtain for the whole interior;

- air conditioning with sun sensor;

- signaling;

- Cruise control;

- changing system and Lane Keeping;

- automatic system for maintaining a distance;

- assistant High-beam;

- climate control;

- independent heating and ventilation with remote control;

- system «start/stop».

Also a big plus is that the new body and interior have a universal quality. Appearance underlines the status of the business person and the inner space of security and allow a comfortable feel to family buyers. In the back seat can easily accommodate three adult passengers, and cars equipped with child seats. Thanks to the folding rear seat backs can effectively carry large loads.

Specifications of the new Q5

German engineers provide customers an excellent opportunity to choose the most suitable option from a wide range of powertrains, which caused the positive reviews of the owners. Traditionally, the machine has under the hood of the 4- and 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engines working in tandem with 6-stupas. mechanical and 7 stupas. automatic transmission. Diesel variants are equipped with robotic boxes.

In fact, many reviews and comments on auto forums contain information that the company plans to release a new modification of Audi Q5 RS, which "pack" 2.5-liter turbocharged TFSI or 3-liter V6 Biturbo. The power of such units is in the range 400 - 450 "horses".

Release date and price of new items

On the European market, Audi Q5 will arrive in late 2016, a few months after the premiere at the Paris Motor Show. Customers will be asked to complete three: Basic, Sport and Comfort. In Europe, the initial price modification will be 35000€, while the "stuffed" version will cost at least 52000€.


Despite the fact that the new generation of the release date of the most popular crossover will not soon, wanting to buy Audi Q5 2017 model year has accumulated a considerable amount. Due to its versatility, the new product has become a favorite of the global car market. It is perfect not only for business people who want to emphasize their image, but also for family buyers with children. Also, the car has a high off-road performance that completely eliminates it from the undeserved name "SUV." With regard to safety, comfort and reliability, the German manufacturer has done everything at the highest level, that caused many competitors to bite your elbows. Moreover, the auto group provided an opportunity to the owners to decide which options to add her favorite. Currently represented by the mass of packages with optional equipment, including interior trim, electronics, body colors, accessories and more.