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Audi TT 1998

Audi TT coupe (model code 8N) went on sale in September 1998. TT name was borrowed from the name of the annual racing «Tourist Trophy», to emphasize the sporty character of the car. TT is built on a platform shared with the Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavia. The power unit was initially only one - 20-valve 1.8-liter petrol engine with turbo charging.

audi tt 1998

In 1999, the market went Roadster version. At the turn of the year 1999-2000 has been improved drivability, increased rear spoiler, ESP stabilization system is included in the list of standard equipment, received a modified suspension.

In 2003, the range has a new gasoline engines VR6 engine capacity of 3.2 liters and 250 hp A year later, a new box DSG. Read also about the Audi TT Roadster in 2001.


High-quality materials used for interior decoration, even many years later, look perfect. All of the interior details are fitted with the utmost precision. The first visible signs of wear appear on the leather steering wheel. Comfortable driving position is easy to pick up, thanks to a huge range of adjustments of seats and steering wheel. Front passenger also have to complain about the lack of comfort. On the rear seats can only accommodate children.

The trunk of the strongly sloping lines of the body is very small - just 270 liters. If you throw the rear seatbacks forward, the luggage compartment increased to 540 liters.

1998 Audi TT interior photo

The list of standard equipment includes Audi TT power windows, air conditioning and two airbags. The vast majority of instances in the secondary market are additionally equipped with high-quality audio system, trip computer, and side airbags.

Engines Audi TT 1998

Most of the vehicles equipped with the well-known and highly respected gasoline engine 1.8 T in different variants of power. Motor 1.8 T is undoubtedly successful. Even for large runs of failure are rare. Nevertheless, it recorded numerous cases of a significant increase in the flow of engine oil. A common problem - the cracking of the gasket between the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger. Unpleasant twitching revolutions is frequently caused by contamination of the flowmeter. It is much more cost problems with the system timing. Introduced knock may be necessary to replace the timing chain tensioner small connecting camshafts or hydraulic jacks. The cost of such repairs is estimated at 15-30 thousand. Rubles.

All these problems deprived of a second engine VR6 3.2 250 hp, offers since 2003. It is very manufacturable, but at the same time a reliable engine develops fantastic power and has a great sound. Its only drawback - a relatively high fuel consumption, sometimes exceeding 12 l / 100 km.

The most rational choice - 1.8 T 180 hp It provides an ideal balance between operational costs and driving pleasure. This unit is characterized by moderate fuel appetite - an average of 8.1 l / 100 km (for the version with front-wheel drive). However, sport seats, tight suspension and powerful engines to provoke dynamic driving, resulting in a slight increase in fuel consumption. Motor 1.8 T is very vulnerable to any kind of alterations that increase capacity. This increases the likelihood of failure. Therefore it is better to buy a copy of which was not subjected to tuning.


Pretty stiff suspension, combined with very precise steering encourages a dynamic movement. Meanwhile, while driving at excessive speeds need to be alert. The vehicle in version with drive to the front axle has a tendency to lack of maneuverability under hard cornering. Vigorous thrust change caused by discharge of gas can cause excessive light maneuverability. This leads to a strong skid the rear axle, and even 180-degree turn. On the track, this behavior presents a unique pleasure, but on public roads Audi TT becomes a source of serious danger. Moreover, this effect is significantly enhanced at high speeds. The risk was so great that in a fairly short period of time because of the specific characteristics have been many tragic events. The manufacturer responded by refining the car and service stocks. In 2000, the Audi TT received a small spoiler on the trunk lid, a modified suspension and a mandatory stabilization system ESP.

Common Problems

All the strange sounds that occur during a sudden release the clutch pedal, according to the wear pads gearbox. Often copies of the first years of production, suffer from problems with the electrician. Denied sensor ABS, ESP, crankshaft position and level corrector xenon light. Sometimes inconvenience voltage regulator. Fortunately for his replacement will need no more than 2,000 rubles. Often, the owners of the Audi TT complain about the burning of the pixels on-board computer.

In specimens with very high mileage it is possible to have to replace the probes. Over time, fail and ignition coils. The Audi TT intensively exploited often refuse turbo supercharger.

If the vehicle is moved for a long time with large 18-inch wheels, you should be ready to replace the bushings and ball control arm. A natural consequence of the quality of Russian roads will quickly wear wheel bearings and shock absorbers.

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Audi TT 1998 - smart and fast car. Given the high reliability and good availability of spare parts, it is less expensive to operate than the Japanese and Italian rivals. However, CT has its weaknesses. It offers only two full-places, and the review is very limited because of the narrow windows, massive pillars and small mirrors. When choosing a car it is recommended to consider only models with the system of exchange rate stability ESP. It will be useful, especially if there is the intention to use the athletic ability of the car.