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Learning the Roads: Fun Facts About Driving

Driving may be something you are fairly used to in modern times. People drive from one place to another and you cannot go anywhere without seeing at least a few cars. Even in the cities where there are mass transit systems, people still choose to operate motor vehicles to get where they need to go.

Fun Facts About Driving

While drivers across the country think that they might know all that they need to about the task of operating a car and driving on today’s roads, there are always some things that can be learned. Here are just a few fun facts that you may not know about driving.

The Oddest Laws

There are a number of odd laws related to driving, even in modern times. While some of these laws are known as "blue laws” and are not enforced, they are still on the books as laws. These laws include:

- Blindfolded driving is illegal in the state of Alabama.

- You can’t drive through playgrounds in Dublin, Georgia.

- Drivers are legally required to honk their horn before they pass another car in New Jersey.

- It’s been made illegal to play in traffic if you’re in Dunn, North Carolina.

- If you’re in Hilton Head, South Carolina, you should know it’s against the law to store trash in your car.

Driving Efficiently

You should also be aware of some other fun and helpful facts about fuel-efficient driving.

- Weight has a significant effect on fuel efficiency. For every extra 100 pounds, efficiency drops by 2 per cent.

- If you want to counter this drop, using manufacturer-recommended motor oil will increase fuel efficiency by 2 per cent.

- Going on a trip? Loading up the roof rack obstructs the aerodynamics of your vehicle, and lowers your fuel efficiency by 5 per cent.

- Getting a tune up can actually improve fuel efficiency and prevent bigger maintenance related problems.

- One longer trip with several stops can actually reduce your fuel use by almost half as compared to several short trips.

What About the Roads?

The roads we drive on every day are simply another part of our lives, but what if we didn’t have the lifelines that connected us to each other? What if there were no interstates? How hard would it be to get around then? Consider that as you learn some interesting facts about the interstate system.

- If you put all US interstate routes together, the system would actually span over 40,000 miles.

- There are more interstate routes in New York than any other state. They have 29.

- The interstate system was developed not only so that people could get from place to place, but so the country could be better defended if the need arose.

- The I-90 is the longest of the interstates; it is over 3,000 miles.

- Only five states have capital cities that are not served by the interstate system.

It’s amazing that there are so many things about driving that you might not have known. Thankfully, they aren’t life changing, but many of these simple facts might give you a new perspective on cars, driving, and the ability to transport yourself.