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Car Park Solutions for Increased Safety

It is estimated that there are more than one billion passenger cars in the world today, with over 60 million to be produced this year alone. Unfortunately, the increase in numbers of passenger vehicles has made parking a nightmare because the infrastructure of most cities and towns simply can’t keep up. This is why coming up with innovative car park solutions is a necessity.

Car Park Solutions for Increased Safety

Infrastructure and Car Park Solutions

Many cities were never constructed with the idea of so many cars in mind. In fact, there are plenty of areas in older cities where the streets are very narrow because they were built in the era of the horse and cart. Now, we are faced with a situation in which there are so many cars on the roads that there simply isn’t enough room for all of them.

While parking centres and garages continue to be built, this can’t be done everywhere because there simply isn’t room. Streets can’t be widened and buildings knocked down just to make room for more parking lots. That’s why it has become mandatory to come up with alternative car park solutions in all areas, from residential to industrial and commercial. After all, the space we have available is limited, which means once must use it to its full potential.

Vehicle Turntables

One such innovative car park solution that has proven effective in residential, commercial and industrial applications is the turntable. The system is relatively simple but all the more effective for it. Thus, a circular platform that can rotate 360° is powered by an electric motor. With the press of a button, one can rotate any car parked on the platform. This not only eliminates the need for three point turns, which automatically makes more areas viable for parking, but it also allows more cars to be parked in the same area.

Additionally, turntables have plenty of other benefits but the biggest on has to be increased safety. By installing a garage turntable, you no longer have to back out of your driveway. This means it’s easier to see oncoming traffic, reducing the chances of an accident occurring, but it also means it’s easier to see children playing or obstacles that might not have been visible were you backing out.

There are plenty of accidents every year all over the world involving children being hit by cars because the driver was backing out and simply didn’t see the child. Sadly, quite a few of these accidents are fatal. However, with a garage turntable, this would no longer be an issue.

Maximise Garage Space

If you have a small garage and can’t really fit two cars, you will find that this fact will change if you install the right type of garage turntable. Some turntables are built for two cars so, you can drive one vehicle into the garage and park it on one side of the turntable, rotate it 180° and then drive the other one in. And for the other vehicle to leave, all you have to do is rotate the turntable, instead of having to drive the other vehicle out.

Such car park solutions have become a necessity because the more cars are built, the less space there is to park them, which means that turntables are not only here to stay but it is quite likely they will become a standard addition to most garages.