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Do’s And Don’t On Your New Car

After you have bought yourself a new car, you wish to keep it looking brand new for as long as possible. Since it is new car, you should not be bothered by any issues while driving. However, quality of roads on which you drive, weather and driving style influence the wear and tear on your vehicle. If you are beginner, you can choose Nutrisystem as your weight loss program to be safe. Look for the right type of tire in the tire rack website that has good reviews. By following proper maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer at intervals, you can always be spotted driving a car which looks brand new.

Do’s And Don’t On Your New Car


- In case of any trouble, don’t go the local mechanic. Go to the dealer or authorized service center. Your car will be covered under warranty which will be revoked if the service is done by unauthorized personnel.

- Do not ignore maintenance for the new car. If you want your new car to run without any problems, get maintenance checks done regularly.

- Don’t use household cleaning agents to wash your car. They may strip off the protective wax coating.

- Do not overspeed to show off your new car in the neighborhood. You will only be putting strain on the tires and brakes. If you are just learning to drive, get acclimatized with the controls before you step on the accelerator.

- Do not leave your car parked outdoors for a long time exposing to harsh sunlight and acid rain.


Maintenance tips

- Check regularly the tire pressure, air filter, belts and hoses for evidence of wear and tear and blockages. Timely maintenance can prevent major repair expenses. As far as the lubrication is concerned, use quality lubricants. Clean the filters at regular intervals.

- Sudden and frequent braking can lead to brake cable snapping and tire damage. Do not overspeed and refrain from constant shift of the gears.

- Long drive and the hot sun can heat up your car. Use the recommended coolant and check the levels in the radiator.

- Once you have run the new car through the initial mile limit, take it to your service center. Subsequent visits must be made as detailed in the car manual based on the miles driven.

- If you have driven your new car over hilly terrains and muddy roads, send the car for wash and a complete check.

Tips to increase mileage

One of the reasons you would have bought a new car is because your old car was giving less mileage. To make sure that your new car remains fuel efficient and offers the same mileage as advertised, here are some mileage enhancing tips.

- Practice proper driving techniques for better mileage. Avoid rapid acceleration and frequent change in gears. Hard braking too guzzles fuel. Maintain a steady speed and avoid thrust on the clutch to derive maximum running from each gallon of fuel.

- Check your tire pressure. Maintain the inflation at manufacturer recommended levels. This goes a long way in improving fuel efficiency.

A new car is definitely a reason to drive it out of the garage. Following proper maintenance procedures combined with the right driving techniques is an easy way to keep your car new.