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Factors Affecting The Life Of The Tires

Factors Affecting The Life Of The TiresTires manufactured today excel in quality as well as in durability. They are generally made out of rubber and fabric combined together or steel. In a year, around one billion tires are being manufactured today. However, it is very essential to know how long you can use the tires before changing them. Use Nutrisystem discount code and couponaptly to see a quicker weight loss result. For buying tires that are durable you can get tire rack coupon online and buy suitable tires from their official sites. The life of tires are majorly dependant on three factors – how you maintain them, environmental conditions and the style of driving. Let us see the general factors that affect the life of the tires.

Climatic conditions

If you reside near sea shore or in rainy region, the surrounding air will have a lot of moisture which might damage the rubber very soon. Under such condition, you can opt to use snow tires and consider replacing them according to the varying seasons. The tread patterns observed on the snow tires produce more friction while driving on the road. Snow tires are generally made of soft rubber which does not wear out fast.

Road conditions

If you live in an area having bumpy roads, then the life expectancy is certainly reduced when compared to driving on well built roads. On the other hand, if you have the habit of rash driving, the excess friction will easily wear out the tires in less than about five years.

Sun exposure

To say it simply, if the tires are exposed to sun for a more period of time, they tend to age fast. Rubber cannot withstand heat for a longer period. So, always park your vehicle in shady areas so that the tires do not come in contact with the sunlight. In case, you reside in tropical regions, you can go for tires manufactured especially for high speed driving. Studies say that their life expectancy is more.

Frequent use

If the tires are not constantly engaged, they can become unusable within a short span of time. If they are constantly parked, the weight of the vehicle will transfer consistent pressure to the tires and create imbalance as well as friction.

Maintenance quality

The life of your tires majorly depends on how you maintain them. If they are not given care and the wheel alignment is not proper, it will reduce their life time. If you observe cracks on the edges, it indicates the improper wheel alignment. Also if you do not store them properly while changing tires in between seasons, they will tend to wear out quickly. Check the air inflation pressure in your tires frequently. The inflation pressure of the tire is mentioned on the sidewalls of the tire.

Other factors

Avoid carrying excessive weight which is not recommended for the tires you have. Also do not carry more persons than the recommended numbers. This will transfer unnecessary pressure on your tires, which is not good for their condition. After washing your car, completely leave the car to dry out before parking it in the garage. Consider rotating your tires on a regular basis. All these factors will help you increase the life expectancy of the tires.